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ThumbnailInfinity Medical Services works with employers and workforce registries to promote the health and wellness of employees. We have extensive experience working in the field of occupational medicine with a direct focus on critical aspects such as:

  • Workplace and Environmental Safety for Employees
  • Periodic Health Exams (to maintain fit to work status)
  • Preventive Health Programs

For employers, we help assemble a workforce that is not only professionally competent but also physically and healthily capable of carrying out their functions. Our health care programs promote a mutual benefit for the employer as well as the employee:

  • Employers can continue benefiting from the productive personnel with healthy workplace practices and periodic health screening as a way of preventive health care
  • Employees are better aware of their health conditions, encouraging them to preserve their health and wellness so that they can maximize their earning potential from the company.

Services for Employers

  • Mobile Diagnostics
  • Employee Health Screenings
  • Pre-Employment Health Screening
  • Workplace Drug Testing
  • Mobile Medical Exams