infinity medical services vanInfinity Medical Services works with employers and workforce registries to promote the health and wellness of employees. We have extensive experience working in the field of occupational medicine with a direct focus on critical aspects such as:

  • Workplace and Environmental Safety for Employees
  • Periodic Health Exams (to maintain fit to work status)
  • Preventive Health Programs

For employers, we help assemble a workforce that is not only professionally competent but also physically and healthily capable of carrying out their functions. Our health care programs promote a mutual benefit for the employer as well as the employee:

  • Employers can continue benefiting from the productive personnel with healthy workplace practices and periodic health screening as a way of preventive health care
  • Employees are better aware of their health conditions, encouraging them to preserve their health and wellness so that they can maximize their earning potential from the company.

Services for Employers

  • Mobile Diagnostics
  • Employee Health Screenings
  • Pre-Employment Health Screening
  • Workplace Drug Testing
  • Mobile Medical Exams

“We have used Infinity Medical Services for over 10 years, they are professional, knowledgeable and very prompt with our student’s DOT Physicals and Drug Screens. They accommodate our every need as a company. Their staff makes the process smooth and easy. We are grateful for the relationship we have with Infinity Medical Services and we highly recommend them to anyone seeking DOT compliance. ”

Chris Barbayanni

Director of Fleet and Safety

Smith and Solomon Commercial Driver Training

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